What is simplePDM

Out of the box

simplePDM does not require any additional installations, plug-ins, expansion packs, products or customization. It simply works.

Private working groups

Content provider members can collaborate and share their work. Your approved content receiver members can view (but not edit) this work.

File revisions and backup

When updating an existing file, instead of the old version being deleted, a new revision is created - ensuring that your work is never lost. Even if you make a mistake, you can always revert to an earlier version.
Oh, and let’s not forget that all content is immediately backed-up!

Automatic tasks

A pattern makers' work is consisted of countless repetitive operations. Some of them, no doubt, can be done only by someone as experienced as you, however some can be done automatically - freeing your time for important tasks.
Your files are automatically converted to other useful formats, pattern cards are created and the style measurements are extracted. Even the request for automatic task is done automatically!

Automatic grading and custom fit

Would you like your own patterns to be graded automatically or made to measure? Contact us for more information about this service.
Also, don't forget to checkout our free pattern collection. You may download any pattern you wish, or even better - you can have it automatically graded according to your desired measurements.

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